Sunday, 16 February 2014


I put my hair through hell on a daily basis, whether it be straightening, curling or back-combing it.  How it hasn't fell out of my head and run for escape I do not know.

I do have a natural wave to my hair but it's such a fluke as to when it will sit well,  I just end up using tongs to curl it anyway.  For this review I didn't use any other 'hold' products in my hair to seal the curls, however I did use a heat protection spray when my hair was dry.

The Product: John Frieda Frizz Ease Go Curlier Heat Activated Spray

Price:  £6.99 at Boots, although often in with the 3 for £10 or 3 for 2 offers on Haircare.

What it promises: Creates and tightens curls for bouncy, salon-smooth style that lasts up to 48 hours. 

Instructions: Unlock trigger spray by flipping tab to right or left. Spray throughout DAMP or WET hair, not dry hair. Start with 10-16 sprays. Use more or less depending on hair length and thickness. Blow-dry with a diffuser. For best results, finish with CURLING TONGS to create your desired style.

Ok so first of all, 48 hours? LOL, no chance.  I think anything that promises to hold curls in my hair for 48 hours considering how much I thrash around like a shark in my sleep, is going to be a let down. There is no product on earth that I would expect to do this, so I wasn't going to be judging it on this farfetched claim. What I was looking for, was a product that would hold curls in my hair the day I had washed it, without needing 10 ton of hairspray (which still doesn't work). As I find my hair only hold curls the day after it's been washed.  I do believe this is that product.

First I washed my hair as normal, and used the 16 sprays of product in damp hair as directed.  I must admit I didn't then use a diffuser, but I blowdried my hair straight for speed.  My hair was quite dry after this, I normal run a hair oil through before drying but in this case I didn't want to use any extra product that might impede the result.  After drying I sprayed a heat protection and started curling my hair.  I use and swear by this Babyliss cheap and cheerful curling tong.

I curl my hair that often it generally only takes me 15 mins max to do my whole head now, I grab different sized sections so the result is more natural.  This was my hair when finished but before I had broken up the curls.

TOP TIP:  Do not run your fingers through or break up the curls until you're leaving the house, this gives them full chance to cool down and set, and they won't drop as quickly later.

So once I was ready to go, I did my normal trick of turning my head upside down and running my fingers through the curls to loosen them up.  Before this I normally rub a bit of hair oil into my hands, although I wouldn't suggest this if you have fine hair - my hair can take a LOT of product.

TIP NO.2 DO NOT EVER USE A HAIRBRUSH.  Sounds daft but I know loads that have done this and complained their hair has gone bushy.

The resulting look was this:

Good so far right?  Well bearing in mind this was at 8am, I can confirm the style lasted absolutely all day.  My hair had a definite bounce to it too, the curls weren't crispy at all - helped by the fact I hadn't needed any hairspray.  Now this isn't the first time I've managed to hold curls in my hair, as I said I normally curl on day old hair and they hold fairly well, but for freshly washed hair this was a first for me.  I will also add that I'd had a lift home on the evening on the other half's motorcycle so they had also survived a helmet!  I took a photo about 9:30pm on the evening for comparison.

See? Barely any difference, hair is slightly flatter at the top, I blame the helmet for this - but the curls are completely intact.  For the minimal product used this is really amazing.

I will note, when I woke up next morning, I'd tossed and turned most of the curls out of my hair as normal, so it didn't live up to the 48hour claim for me.  I had already predicted it wouldn't - however it's a fantastic spray if you want curls ALL DAY with no drooping.  And for those with less thick heavy hair it may well live up to the claims. I'll definitely be repurchasing the spray when it has run out.

What are your favourite products for holding your style? xxx


  1. Hiya, hair looks lush. Just bought this so going to give it a bash! Very helpful review.
    Tell me, which hear protection spray did you use, and did you spray it on dry hair before you used the tongs? Cheer m'dear

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks for the comment and hope you get on as well with it as I did. For heat protection I use the Loreal Elnette heat sprays, mainly the one for curls and waves but there is one for straight and one for volume too.

      I don't put it in wet hair if I'm using another spray product such as this before blowdrying - mostly because my hair takes forever to dry being so thick and to spray two different products in would soak it more and take me longer! I always spray on dry hair before using tongs or straighteners. Once my hair is dry I can spray and soak it in anything and everything!