Sunday, 18 May 2014

Purple Dip-Dye - From start to finish

I've had a lot of hair colours over the years, above just a handful I actually had photos of.  I don't bother with the hairdressers for colouring, not that I don't think they do a great job! Its just a huge expense to get your hair coloured professionally, and doing it myself I've picked up a few things and learnt a lot of lessons that I'm going to share with you in this post.  So lets get started!

So here are my weapons of choice. 

1. Live XXL Permanent Colour in Mystic Violet £5.49
2. Adee Phelan Hair Colour Remover £14.95
3. Bleach London Total Bleach £7.00
4. Bleach London Hair Colour £5.00 x 3 so £15 (I mixed 3 colours and will show which ones later)
5. Directions Toner £3.50

I brought all of the products used apart from the Directions toner when Boots were running their 3 for 2 promotion. Making the total cost around £34.  This sounds pricey BUT pales in comparison to the cost of stripping and bleaching then colouring at the hairdressers. That and the Bleach London colours and toner will not all be used up in one application but I'll keep for top ups.

This is the colour I started with.  I originally had orange ends but I had these cut out and waited until my hair was long enough again - as I didn't think the ends could take another bleaching session! 

A week before my project, I washed my hair every other day with a clarifying shampoo that I knew would fade my current colour.  The best shampoo for this is Head & Shoulders.  So when it actually came to dying my hair it was quite faded from this colour but meant I needed to work less hard!

I also did a lot of coconut oil and conditioning treatments to prep my hair for the damage, I'll go into this later in my tips.

First thing I did, was apply the LIVE XXL purple all over.  I didn't strip my hair first as when you use a hair stripper - it will make any colour you put on go waaay darker than you may want - and I didn't want to end up with black hair.  That and I figured dark purple over red wouldn't be too hard a task. 

The dye actually looks pink on my hair here but it did darken over the 30minutes required.  I put it over every strand to get an even coverage as I was going to be stripping the ends later anyway.

Below is the colour I actually ended up with.....

My hair doesn't look all that purple here, and still has a few streaks of red in.  It was darker than I was expecting but this turned out to be a blessing, for which I will later explain when it comes to the stripping process!!

I left my hair like this for a couple of days with the intention of stripping the ends when it came to my next hair wash.  If you have the time and patience, it's really better to colour your hair in stages like this - it gives it a rest in between all the washing and processing.

So two days go by, and it came to using the Adee Phelan hair stripper.....

I tied my hair into pigtails, and applied the colour stripper to the ends.  The reason for using this, is so the bleach doesn't have to work so hard on my hair later on. 

The stripper needs to be left on about an hour.  Then when washing it out you have to time yourself for 10 minutes, yes TEN WHOLE MINUTES of rinsing under the shower.  This is why my hair on the upper half of my head being darker than I wanted was a blessing in disguise. I think had it gone the perfect shade originally, it would have faded with the rinsing process.

After the rinsing and buffer process (like a shampoo you use at the end to restore the PH level of your hair) this was my hair at the ends....

Now its worth noting that while hair strippers promise to strip your hair of all hair dye, they will not magically restore your natural colour.  This is because nothing turns back the results of peroxide, and all permanent and some semi-permanent dyes contain peroxide. Whether you lighten or darken your hair the peroxide in the dye will lighten your base hair as well as superficially covering any damage. So when using strippers, you'll often end up with an orange shade underneath, this IS your natural hair as it is after using hair dyes. That being said it's a great place to start aaall over again, in my case - I'm going to bleach it!

The Bleach London Bleach hair kit is beautifully put together, and totally worth the £7 price tag.  For this you are not just getting the components for the bleach, you're getting a tray, an application brush and a small tube of their Reincarnation hair mask, which is an absolute miracle worker on dry hair, I have the full size tube too!

I put coconut oil in my hair for an hour before applying the bleach, as this helps protect the hair from too much damage.

I applied the bleach both to the bottom of my hair, and grabbed a few strands through the top, just to break up the colour later on.  This pic was taken about 30 minutes in so as you can tell the bleach got my hair pretty light.  I left it on the max 45 minutes then washed off.

I don't have any photo's of my hair dry after this as as soon as it was damp I applied some Directions Toner to take out any orange tones in the hair.  It goes on blue which can be scary but all the blue does is offset the unwanted tones and voila, a lovely blonde colour.

Here is a picture of the Bleach London colours I used.  I mixed the three equally to get a purple shade I was happy with, and obviously didn't use all of the bottles so have enough left over for at least another 3 applications.

These colours are an absolute dream to use, they aren't too messy (in comparison to the Directions dyes I have used which stain anything you touch!) and they mix together beautifully.  They condition the hair as they colour so you can really use them as often as you like with no worry about hair damage. 

I applied the mixed colour all over my hair, so the ends would go a light purple, and the colour of the top half of my head would have more depth. This was the result!

Overall I'm really happy with the colour, funnily enough every time I wash it, the top half gets lighter and the purple shows even more - although I still have a few unwanted bits of red when it hits the light.  I'm not going to redo it for at least two months now as I think it needs to rest and recover.  It feels in great condition, and I want to keep it that way.

When I come to redo it I'm considering doing a bleach bath to completely eradicate the red tones and turn the bottom half white so I can make it lilac - before you ask what a bleach bath is, I'll be doing a separate post for that when I do it and show you!

My Top Tips

Hair strippers
1. Go for a well known brand, Adee Phelan or Colour B4 - don't use a cheap substitute, if it damages your hair you'll regret trying to save that few ££ when your getting your hair chopped off.
2. Rinse for the full length of time recommended, set a timer on your phone if you have to as 10 minutes feels like a lifetime in the shower.
3. As long as you've used the buffer correctly and rinsed, you can bleach or colour straight after. However with colour choose a dye at least 3 shades lighter than you want, it WILL go darker on your hair than you expect after stripping.
4. In regards to point 3, if you can I would recommend only temporary dyes for a month after stripping, to avoid an unwanted colour.
5. There are also many other ways of stripping your hair if you just want to fade your colour such as Head & Shoulders, washing up liquid, and making a hair mask out of crushed vitamin c tablets.

1. Coconut oil is a god send, saturate your hair in it overnight before bleaching, and don't rinse out! In my case I only soaked it an hour and it still did wonders for protecting my hair.
2. Never leave bleach in for longer than 45 minutes, even if it isn't the colour you want. It will not go lighter after this time, it will just continue to fry your hair cuticle.  You're better off washing it off, and reapplying another batch.
3. Use a stripper before bleaching, the bleach won't need to fight through layers of hair dye to work.

1. When using permanent dyes for retouching, only retouch the roots if you can.  Layering permanents over eachother every time you do your hair will damage it just like multiple bleaching sessions.
2. Normally I use a permanent dye to get one big colour change, then top up with semi permanents when my hair needs recolouring, semi's provide much more shine and often fade a lot less quicker.
3. For natural shades, I highly recomment Garnier Olia hair colours (permanent) and Loreal Casting Creme Gloss (semi-permanent)

1. Bleach London hair dyes are great, but they only work on very blonde hair - the positive effect being they don't stain other things as much as Directions.
2. Directions colours will work on anything from blonde to medium brown hair, they are messy as hell but have so much more staying power.
3. Vaseline is your friend, rub it on your ears and anywhere hairdye may land to prevent a scrubbing session later.
4. Bright fashion wash in/wash out colours like Bleach London, Directions, Manic Panic, Crazy Colours can all be mixed to get the colour you want. You can apply them as much as you want, they condition your hair and cover bleach damage fabulously.
5. The longer you leave these colours the better, I let mine sit in for hours before washing out.
6. For lasting power, you can mix your chosen colour in with your shampoo.

On a final note. Conditioner is your friend! As are regular oil treatments.  Most of my tips come from mistakes made and lessons learnt, but you can change your hair regularly as long as you treat it well in between the sessions.   If you're ever really unsure of how to go about a drastic change, then just go to the hairdressers and watch and learn, ask questions as they do it - then you're free to go wild at home the next time ;)

Sunday, 20 April 2014


I've waited quite a while to do this review, as couldn't really make up my mind if I liked the product or not, but after using it with various foundations I've come to the conclusion that it really does do the job it promises, although in my opinion the price tag isn't justified.

I originally purchased at the same time as the Illamasqua Skin Base, as I really wanted the foundation after trying it at a make up counter and the colour was one of few foundations that have been pale enough to match my skin.  From reading the reviews online Skin Base really required well moisturised skin to look its best, so along with overhauling my skin care routine, I purchased the Hydra Veil Rehydrating Gel.

Illamasqua Hydra Veil is a cross between a moisturiser and a primer, so is very much suited to dry skin. It doesn't claim to give any long term skin benefits so do not confuse this with a skincare product, it purely aids make-up application and longevity.

The packaging is classic Illamasqua, simple, black and sleek.

The pot itself holds 30ml of liquid.  It's not a particularly heavy duty case but its light and won't leak any product.

Once you've removed the lid, there is a teeny tiny spoon.  This supposedly lifts the perfect amount of gel for one application, and is the most hygenic way of using this.  However I found the primer applies best with a brush (I use a flat foundation brush), so I don't really use the spoon much - others may differ!

Inside the gel is literally a jelly like consistency, it has that 'wobble'. You can dip the spoon in and mess it right up but it will always reform smooth if you leave the pot alone for a few minutes.

As you can see here, like the picture above, the gel is completely clear and transparent - it really is like jellied water!  Once applied to the face it melts down to a water consistency so you only need the teeny amount I've photographed here - although as previous stated, I dip a foundation brush in (I use this brush only for primer).

My experience

Once on the face, this feels like no primer I've ever used before.  Rather than my skin feeling 'silky', it feels sticky.  At first I was a bit weirded out by this, but it's the intended result as it helps bond your foundation to the skin, and the sticky feeling disappears as soon as foundation is applied. The formula instantly hydrates and plumps the skin and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day.

I wasn't sure about this at all at first, mainly because it's so different to other primers I have tried. It really did do what I wanted it to do, which was keep my skin moisturised all day and prevent dry patches - so I can't grumble at that.  However I can't say I was completely wowed by it given the price tag.  This retails at £30 on Illamasqua's website and I got a hefty discount on it of about 30% due to various offers on at the time, so I only paid around £20.  I think the price I got it for was about right and I would have been quite disappointed had I paid the full £30.

I'm by no means saying do not buy this, as when going on holiday recently it was my first primer of choice to take.  Flying anywhere for any small amount of time really makes my skin dry up like a raisin, and this stuff was a life saver when doing my make-up.  I guess I'm just dissapointed it didn't improve the appearance of my skin, e.g appearance of pores, smoother application.  The product doesn't promise to do that so I can't knock it, it does what it claims, however for £30 I want a primer to do it all - perhaps I ask too much!

Overall verdict

A great purchase for those that suffer with dry skin which affects their foundation application, and for those who don't get on with silicone based primers, but I would only recommend a purchase at sale price.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel as a Primer

Yes, really, I'm posting about how I put anti-chafing gel on my face.  Stay with me here!

Practically anyone who knows anything about make-up will have heard about the Smashbox Photofinish Primer. Smashbox are one of the brands that really put foundation primers on the map and their original version retails at about £25.  I do love the brand and am glad they are now back in the UK and easy to purchase from again.

Now I love this original primer, its been something I've repurchased again and again as it really suits my normal to dry skintype - however, recently I read an interesting thread on Mumsnet about Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel having the same exact ingredients.

The main ingredient in any primer is going to be dimethicone. The difference between high end primers and the Lanacane Gel is ingredients and texture. The high end primers feel more luxurious, might be more moisturizing, and some have an SPF in them. But at the end of the day, they still have dimethicone or some form of silicone in them.

Ingredients for both

Smashbox Original Photo Finish Ingredients:
Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Dimethicone, Trisiloxane, Silica, Dimethicone/ Vinyl Ddimethicone Crosspolymer, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Extract, Propylene Glycol, Water (Aqua, Eau), Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract, Cola Acuminata Seed Extract, Camellia Oleifera Leaf Extract

Lanacane Ingredients
Cyclopentasiloxane Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Zea Mays (corn) starch

So yeah we can see that the Smashbox has more ingredients to give a better feel to the formula, however I've used both of them extensively and I cannot tell the difference.  If anything the Lanacane is slightly thicker so you need less of it, and I actually prefer it to the Smashbox.

I would only recommend using Lanacane if you have the same skin type as me, Normal-Dry.  I don't think this or the Original Photo-Finish primer would benefit Oily skin.  

Smashbox do make a variety of other primers for different skin types and needs here, but if you have used the Original Photofinish before and don't want to pay the £25 price tag - then Lanacane will do EXACTLY the same job and only costs £6.65 for 30g.

You can buy Lanacane here at Boots or instore at Superdrug.

What is your favourite primer?

Sunday, 23 March 2014


Just a super quick post on my favourite blusher of the moment.  NARS Angelika.  NARS are my absolute Holy Grail brand when it comes to blushers, they are always super pigmented yet at the same time very buildable so you can acheive more than one look.  I've tried dupes of the brand from cheaper sources, but they just don't compare in quality.
I've been lusting after this shade for a while after seeing it so many times on Instagram on girls with the same skin tone as myself (Instagram is    responsible for a LOT of my purchases.)

NARS Angelika is described as a 'cotton candy pink with gold and silver sparkle' It’s a blue-based light-medium pink (cool -toned).

As you can see from the pic, the colour is quite scary in pan as it has a lot of glitter.  I say scary because I generally HATE glitter and shimmer in blushes, and it's for this reason I've never really got on with Benefit blushers. 

I don't know where the glitter goes after application, but I certainly don't end up with a glittery face!

Here's a couple of pictures of how the blusher looks on my skin, first indoors and the second in natural daylight.  As you can see it's not as bright on the face as you would expect.  You can certainly build it up to be so if you have darker toned skin, but I make sure to be light-handed with it.  Also, no I do not end up with a glittery face!

The blush provided a lovely soft focus effect glow to the skin, and it probably lasts about 8 hours on me without having to reapply.  I'm in love!

I purchased this blusher from HQ Hair who you can go to here they deliver fast and often have 10% and 20% off codes knocking about on HotUkDeals.

Saturday, 22 March 2014


Today's post marks a little celebration for me, as I've officially become a SensatioNail Ambassador! I'm really passionate about this product and now I have even more reason to not shut up about it. For those of you who don't know what SensatioNail is, it's an LED Lamp and gel polish range that you can use at home to get fuss-free manicures that will last you two weeks. If you have your nails done regularly, seriously, buy this - it will save you a fortune.

I'll start with a tiny disclaimer, that the colour Island Oasis was sent to me to test for free, however the lamp and other polishes in the photos were purchased myself. I absolutely adore the shade I was sent, it's so summery and adds such a pop of colour!

If you've ever had gel nails done at the salon (I used to pay £20 a pop), then they will use either a UV lamp or an LED lamp to dry your polish. LED lamps don’t generate heat or emit UVAs or UVBs, and you don’t need to replace the bulbs like you do with UV lamps. It was for these reasons I chose SensatioNail to do my at-home manicures, that and the polishes are readily available in Boots so I needn't order online every time I want a new colour.  


You can see here my nails are looking pretty sorry for themselves and short.  I recently bit them off in a moment of boredom and I'm trying to regrow them.  SensatioNail is great for this as it will make your nails hard and strong so they'll grow easily without breaking.  In this pic I've rubbed cuticle remover all over, just a cheap Boots Essentials one but you can use whatever you like.   I let the cream soften my skin a bit and then push back my cuticles with the manicure stick.  You get one of these sticks with every polish you buy.  The best time to push your cuticles back is after a bath or shower, but I don't often remember to do this.



Once you've done your cuticles, use a nail file to shape your nails however you like, then file the shine off the surface of your nails (so hold the nail file flat against the nail).  This might sound crazy but it's essential so the polish easily binds to the nail.  Don't go overboard and file it too much, just enough to make the surface rough! 


Using the Gel Cleanser, clean your nails with a cotton pad or lint-free wipe (comes with the essentials kit) to get rid of any moisture and debris from the filing.  The cleanser is basically just acetone-free nail polish remover, so once you've run out of this you can use that for the same purpose.

Then you want to use the Gel Primer, there is a tiny brush in bottle which you use to paint a small amount of it around the edge of your nails by the cuticles, so basically DRAW A CIRCLE around the nail.
Let the nails air dry for a few seconds after doing this.


Apply a thin coat of gel base/top coat , this comes with the starter kit and is a one bottle product for both uses.  I've also got the 'gel growth treatment' which I purchased separately.  I use this as my base coat instead when my nails are short (like they are today!) and I find it really helps my nails grow that bit quicker and stronger. 
The lamp isn't really big enough to put your  whole hand in at once, and to do so would your thumb was at the wrong angle - so the best way to cure each coat is to put four nails in, and do your thumbs separately. 

Oooooh look, it's like your nails have gone to a disco!  Once you've clicked the button on the top of the lamp, it will stay lit for 60 seconds.  You only need to cure your base coat for 30 seconds.  However the lamp will beep at 30 seconds so you know to remove your hand (and put your thumb in)


Pick a colour, and apply a thin layer to your nails. Use the brush to 'cap' the nail polish, by this I mean run the polish across the free edge (end) of the nail. Cure the colour layer for 60 seconds.

I keep emphasising THIN LAYER because if you apply the polish too thick it will affect drying time, and it won't last as long as it could as you increase chances of it lifting away from the nail later on.  Your first layer may look transparent but don't worry, you'll be doing another layer later!  Also, remember this polish won't dry until under the lamp, so if you get any hair in it (I have cats so this happens ALL the time), don't be afraid to yank it out with the manicure stick and resmooth over.  I also like to keep some cotton buds close by (them things you stick in your ears) and dip them in nail polish remover to tidy up mistakes around the cuticle.  For this I applied the lovely and bright turquoise blue/green colour Island Oasis.


Apply another thin coat of colour after you have cured the first, cap the free edge of the nail again.  You'll notice the nail polish will have a tacky/sticky feel on the nails, don't worry about this as its so the layers bind to the nail and to eachother.  Cure the second coat of colour for 60 seconds.


Once you've done your second coat, apply your top coat, and cure that for 30 seconds.  Once all your nails are done, wipe over and clean with the Gel Cleanser.  Then you're done and dry and good to go!  Shiny chip-free nails for two weeks.  

I LOVE that this is completely dry once you're done, as so often I've painted my nails and messed them up straight after as they've not been totally dry and I've wanted to get on with something else like loading the washing machine, or more commonly - I need to go and spend a penny and end up trying to remove my trousers with the palms of my hands and crazy wriggling (TMI you cry!)

A Few Tips!
1. Don't paint too close to the cuticle, as when your nails start to grow the polish will lift at the edges as you painted the edge on your skin (speaking from experience!)
2. As said before, keep a couple of cotton buds handy for tidying up errors

3. When removing, DO NOT just peel off the polish, this will weaken and thin your nails (I did this one too many times).  Use a proper 97% acetone remover.
4. If you get bored of the colour and want to change for a night out, you can just paint over your gel nails with regular polish, and remove later with acetone free remover. This will remove the normal polish and leave your gel polish intact!


The SensatioNail starter kits and polishes are either available directly through their website, or you can buy them in Boots. In fact at the time of posting, the starter kit has been temporarily reduced from £69.99 to £45 at Boots with the Scarlett Red polish included, the lamp itself retails at £45 so this is an amazing bargain as you get the cleanser, primer and top/base coat AND colour - CLICK HERE FOR OFFER  I'm not sure how long this deal is on for, although it's online only and a Mother's Day promotion so I assume will run for another week.

Last of all, don't be afraid to experiment with nail art! I'm forever adding dry glitters to my polishes, here's some pictures of other looks I've created with glitter and the colours Taupe Tulips, Midnight Rendezvous, Scarlet Red and Sugar Plum.  

Any questions, ask them here or tweet me!  I will be taking part in the SensatioNail Q&A's every Wednesday Night normally around 8pm using the hashtag #AskSensationail

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Both of these palettes are great for the purpose of blush and contouring, and look very similar but differ in price depending on your budget.  I originally purchased the Sleek Face Form Palette for a not too shabby £9.99 from Superdrug.  The higher end version however, the Naked Flushed Palette retails for about £22.00 and was brought for me by a friend for my birthday (a friend who knows my make-up addiction well!)  It's worth noting too that the Sleek Palette is available in two shades, one for fair tones and one for medium to dark.  I am reviewing the fair skinned version here. 

Next to each other (Urban Decay on left, Sleek on right) you can see a few minimal differences between the two palettes.  As far as weight goes, with the Sleek palette you are getting more product (20g) for less money as the Naked Palette powders weigh in at 16g!  But does bigger necessarily mean better?  Lets find out!

Here I have swatched all three shades from the palette, starting at the bottom with the bronzer/contour powder. 
Bronzer - If you are pale, the bronzer may or may not be too much for you, as while it looks lighter in the pan compared to Sleek's version, it does have a warmer tone to it.  I find because of the warmth to it that I can't really use it as a contour shade and do have to purely use as a bronzer - however this is down to me being ghostly pale - I don't think this would be a problem for the majority.
Highlighter - This is lot more of a pinky shade than Sleek's highlighter, which means it's much more noticable and 'glowy'. The powder is creamy and finely milled as are all the Urban Decay eye shadows, so you're getting a much higher quality highlighter with this - and it also makes a great base eyeshadow.  I use this on my cheekbones, brow bones and cupids bow.
Blusher- This is very pigmented compared to Sleek's blusher, you have to go easy with it as if you're too heavy handed with the brush you end up looking severely sunburnt.  However, when used lightly it gives a lovely natural 'healthy glow' shade to the cheeks, like you've just come in from a brisk run.  This is about as close to me looking like I've been for a run as I will get!  It's not a shade of blusher I would ever have thought to buy before so I was pleasantly surprised with it and use it quite regularly.

I've put swatches here of the Sleek versions of the powders side by side with the Naked counterparts.  I think this picture best illustrates the difference in the quality of the powders. While you are getting more product with Sleek, the powders are more sheer and less pigmented than the Naked palettes therefore you would be using more anyway.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing as the Sleek palette is possibly more buildable.
Bronzer - The bronzer is more cool in tone so perhaps more suited to pale skin and can be used for both contour and bronzer easily for me.
Highlight - The highlighter is a more golden shade than the Naked, which was a pink champagne shade.  This makes the highlighter a lot more subtle so more suited to daytime make up perhaps than the Naked Palette, although I couldn't double it up as an eyeshadow due to how sheer it is. (You can barely see it on my skin here.)
Blush- I found the blush disappointing,  Out of the two, in the pan it looked a lot more like a blusher I would have purchased myself anyway and actually quite similar to one of my beloved Nars blushes (Deep Throat).  The blush though unfortunately was a bit of a wash out and took a lot of building to get to a shade I was happy with. 

Which was best?

Out of the two, I think the Naked Palette just trumps it due to the pigmentation and quality of the powders, but for £22.00 you would expect nothing less.  If you are looking for something similar and don't have that budget then the Sleek Face Form is a perfectly good substitute, you will have to work a little bit harder to get the colour pay off but you get more product so it evens out.  For me I just want the results FAST so I will reach for the Urban Decay most of the time - but I still use the bronzer in the Sleek Palette.

The Urban Decay Naked Flushed can be purchased at Debenhams here

The Sleek Face Form in Fair and Dark can be purchased at Superdrug here

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


I think we've all had the above tragedy at one time or another.  I can say for certain I have!  Most of my friends seem to think I'm quite handy with eyeliner when in truth I'm not, I just clean it up well when I mess it up.  Up until now I used an ear bud (q-tip) dipped in make up remover to tidy any mistakes.  I've tried a couple of 'make up remover' pens in stores and not been impressed enough to buy one - most notedly the Bourjois one which has an eyeliner on the other end, it seems to just 'smudge' and make more of a mess.

Step in E.L.F!  For those of you that don't know E.L.F. (eyes.lips.face) are a company that sell very reasonably priced cosmetics and tools.  Not only is a lot of their stuff crazy cheap but they often have 40% and 50% sales on across the site.  It's these moment I go wild and fill my basket full of stuff but the popular items do go fast.  A lot of items are hit and miss you will either love a product or think it's a cheap waste of time - e.g their studio brushes are fabulous but foundation I wouldn't write home about.

My most recent haul included this little beauty, 

the Studio Make up Remover Pen.  I wasn't expecting much from it, just threw it in the basket as it cost me a whopping £1.94 (normally £3.99 but got it in the sale). 

Product Description
Mascara smears? Uneven eyeliner? Quickly remove or correct small makeup smudges, smears and mistakes without having to take off the rest of your makeup! The gentle and non-greasy formula erases even long wearing and waterproof makeup for flawless touch ups, perfect for throwing in your purse or gym bag when you're on-the-go! Infused with Vitamin E, Cucumber and Chamomile to moisturise and condition skin.

My experience
I know right, you stopped reading after 'Uneven eyeliner?'  Me too.  Is this going to correct my wonky flicks or what?  Well yes, yes it is.  I took two shots below of some black gel eyeliner I had scribbled on my arm with.  Second photo shows the line I drew through it with this pen!

If your skin is wet after using the pen, you can always dab with a tissue and then go over the area with your eyeliner as normal. Another great use for this as mentioned in the description is for removing those annoying mascara blobs you can get on your eyelid.  Always wipe the pen nib with a tissue after use to prevent build up and making the pen grey.  I'm not sure how long the pen will last but there was a lot of moisture in the nib so I have high hopes.

Overall very impressed, for the price is a lot better than others I have tested on the market and I will repurchase :)